(aka "Tropical Heat")

Episode: "Dead Men Tell"

First aired: September 30, 1991

Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen


Series Summary
Sweating Bullets (aka. "Tropical Heat") was a series produced in Canada from 1991-1993 and lasted for 66 episodes.  Jessica appeared in one episode that was titled "Dead Men Tell".  The series itself was about a character by the name of Nick Slaughter, an ex-RCMP and DEA agent, who had dropped out of society after being fired from his job, relocates to the Florida town of  Key Mariah to start a detective service. In the process he meets Sylvie Gerard, a local travel agent. Together they form a strong partnership and quite the detective team. However, the local police squad never made it easy so they often require help from their friends: Ian, Spider (owners of  the Tropical Heat Bar at different times) and Rollie (local police mortician). The Town of Key Mariah will never be the same again thanks to Nick Slaughter and company. (summary written by Janet Worth)




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