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June 30, 2011

Flashpoint Season Premiere [9:20 PM ET]

Jessica will be appearing in the season 4 premiere episode of Flashpoint titled "Personal Effects" which will air Friday, July 8th at 8:00PM ET/PT on both CBS in the USA and on CTV in Canada. Check local listings for the time and channel in your area.

In other Flashpoint news, Jessica has worked on another episode of Flashpoint this month. No word on when the episode will air but she is supposed to have a pretty big part in it! Stay tuned!

June 15, 2011

Flashpoint this Friday [9:00 PM ET]

The Flashpoint episode "Fault Lines" (that Jessica is in) that aired back in February in Canada (see news entry below) will be airing this Friday June 17th at 8:00PM ET on CBS here in the USA. Jessica will also appear in the first episode of season 4, but there is no word on when that will air.

February 11, 2011

Jessica back on Flashpoint [2:15 AM ET]

In Canada the season finale of the series Flashpoint (titled "Fault Lines") aired this past Sunday (sorry for not giving a heads up to Canadian fans in time). The season finale has yet to air in the United States and is rumored to air this summer. The good news is that Jessica will also appear on Flashpoint next season and in fact she is heading to Toronto next week to work on the first episode of Season 4.

February 10, 2011

The Jessica Steen Page Turns 16 Today!

December 19, 2010


Captain Power Music [6:15 PM ET]

René de Cler (a Captain Power fan from the Netherlands) passed along a link to music composer Gary Guttman's website who did the music for the TV series Captain Power and Soldier's of the Future. On the music page is a link to the Love Theme from Captain Power.

The Parallel Universe of Gary Guttman

November 18, 2010

Jessica at the Gemini Awards [6:45 PM ET]

Here is a photo of Jessica along with some of stars of the TV Series Flashpoint at the 2010 Gemini Awards in Toronto on November 13th.

2010 gemini

The cast of "Flashpoint" (L-R) Sergio Di Zio, Jessica Steen, Enrico Colantoni and Mark Taylor pose on the red carpet during the Gemini Awards in Toronto November 13, 2010.

September 14, 2010

Stations in the US Airing Heartland [2:45 AM ET]

The CBC's official Heartland Website has a official list of all stations (198 in all) in the USA that are showing Heartland starting this weekend. Click on the link below for the list.

List of TV Stations in the USA airing Heartland

September 1, 2010

Heartland coming to the US! [2:45 AM ET]

According to the official Heartland website, the TV series Heartland (that Jessica appears on often as a guest) will be coming to the US market soon. The show will be shown in syndication playing in close to 200 markets in the U.S., reaching over 97% of the American audience. I will post a link to a list of the stations carrying the series when it is available.

August 31, 2010

Gemini Nomination for Jessica! [8:45 PM ET]

Congrats to Jessica for her Gemini Award nomimation for "Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series" for Flashpoint episodes "Clean Hands / The Perfect Family". The award will be announced on November 3rd.

Heartland Season 4 Premiere [8:40 PM ET]

Season 4 of the Canadian TV series Heartland will premiere on Sunday, September 26th at 7:00PM ET on CBC with the episode "Reunion" which Jessica will be in! Jessica also appears in episodes 3, 4 and 5 as well.

Jessica on Biography [8:40 PM ET]

This news is very late, but Jessica shot an interview for the Biography special on actor Mark Harmon (which Jessica worked with when she was make guest appearances on NCIS). The premiere of the episode was on June 24th, but I am sure the episode will be repeated. Biography airs on both the A&E and the Biography channels in the US. Apparently Jessica also appears in the Keanu Reeves episode of Biography as well.

June 8, 2010

Flashpoint Season Finale [5:00 PM ET]

Back in late February 2009 Jessica filled in for actress Amy Jo Johnson for 6 episodes on the CBS & CTV TV series Flashpoint. After Amy Jo Johnson came back, as well as other cast changes, I feared that would be the last we saw of Jessica on the show. The good news is that they are bringing Jessica back for the season finale! No word on when the episode will air at this time so check back later. Flashpoint airs on Friday's at 9:00PM ET/PT (8PM Central). Flashpoint has been off the air for a while, but a new episode airs this Friday.

February 27, 2010


On the CBC's Heartland page Jessica has answered some questions from fans. Click the link below to read the Q&A's...

Jessica Steen Answers Fans Questions

February 10, 2010

The 15th Anniversary! [1:25 AM ET]

15 years ago today I started The Jessica Steen Page! Pretty crazy to think that it already has been that long ago. In fact things have been so hectic with my life in the past month or so that I totally missed the anniversary and I am actually inserting this on March 1st hoping no one will notice! ;-)

December 19, 2009


Even More Heartland [1:10 PM ET]

Along with the episodes listed below in the November 7th news entry, Jessica will also be in episode 318 which will proably air in March. There is also a Heartland Christmas movie (I assume for TV) that is shooting in Feb/March for a 2010 release.

November 7, 2009

More Heartland [1:40 PM ET]

Jessica is currently up in Canada shooting more episodes of Heartland. Here is a list of the upcoming episodes that Jessica will be in...

307 - premieres Nov 15, 2009
308 - premieres Nov. 22, 2009
315 - premieres March 7, 2010
316 - premieres March 14, 2010

Heartland airs Sunday's at 7:00PM ET on CBC in Canada.

October 2, 2009

Heartland Premiere's this Weekend [12:00 PM ET]

For you Canadian Jessica Steen fans, the third season of the CBC TV Series Heartland (that Jessica has a recurring role in) premieres this Sunday, Oct 4th at 7:00PM on CBC. Jessica should be in the season 3 premiere episode this Sunday which is titled "Miracle." We will try and list all the future episodes she is in if we can (so you may want to watch it each week to be on the safe side).

Also, there are a couple of photos of Jessica from Heartland that you can see here.

September 6, 2009

"My Nanny's Secret" this month on LMN! [2:30 AM ET]

Jessica's new movie "My Nanny's Secret" (formerly known as "A Nanny's Secet") will premiere this month on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) on Saturday, September 12th at 8:00PM. The movie will also air on the following dates and times...

Sunday, Sept 13th at 12:00AM
Sunday, Sept 13th at 12:00PM
Saturday, Sept 26th at 6:00PM

Details about the movie, including the trailer can be seen on Imagination Pictures Worldwide website.

July 19, 2009

"A Nanny's Secret" trailer online [3:30 PM ET]

The trailer (as well as the summary and movie poster) for Jessica's movie "A Nanny's Secret" which will eventually air on Lifetime channel has been posted online on the Imagination Pictures Worldwide website.

Flashpoint episodes continue to repeat [3:30 PM ET]

Jessica's episodes of Flashpoint continue to be repeated. The next episode coming up at 9:00PM ET/PT on Friday, July 24th is titled "Aisle 13".

June 25, 2009

Flashpoint episodes repeat [11:45 PM ET]

For those that missed Jessica on Flashpoint her episodes are being repeated starting tomorrow, Friday June 26th @ 9:00PM ET/PT. The first episode is titled "Business As Usual" and next Friday the episode "The Fortress" airs.

Jessica working on Heartland. [11:45 PM ET]

Jessica is currently up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada shooting episodes for the 3rd season of the Canadian TV series Heartland which will proably air this fall on CBC in Canada.

April 20, 2009

Jessica's final episode of Flashpoint [6:45 AM ET]

Hope everyone has been enjoying Jessica's run on Flashpoint so far. This past Friday's episode was a repeat from the first season (that Jessica wasn't in of course). This coming Friday (April 24th) @ 9:00PM will be Jessica's 6th and final episode of Flashpoint (for now anyway). The episode is titled "Remote Control."

February 28, 2009

Info on Jessica's 3rd episode of Flashpoint [5:20 AM ET]

CBS put out a press release about Jessica's 3rd episode of Flashpoint that airs on Friday, March 13th at 9:00PM ET/PT. Jessica's friend Peter Outerbridge is in this episode as well.

FLASHPOINT -- "Clean Hands" -- The SRU team has been assigned the task of transporting and protecting an infamous serial killer, and Lewis (Mark Taylor), Wordy, (Michael Cram) and Donna (Jessica Steen) must act quickly to deflect a crisis on FLASHPOINT, Friday March 13 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

February 20, 2009

More info on Jessica's Flashpoint Premiere [1:40 AM ET]

CBS put out a press release about Jessca's first episode of Flashpoint that airs on Friday, February 27th at 9:00PM ET/PT. It appears that Jesscia's Captain Power co-star Peter MacNeill is in this episode as well.


"Business As Usual" - When three men take the CEO of a mortgage company hostage, the SRU team is called to the scene to diffuse the situation. Meanwhile, Jules recovers from being shot and the team reluctantly looks at recruits to fill her spot, on FLASHPOINT, Friday, Feb. 27 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Info on Jessica's 2nd episode of Flashpoint [1:40 AM ET]

CBS also released some photos in regards to the 2nd episode of Flashpoint that she is doing titled "The Fortress" which airs on Friday, March 6th at 9:00PM ET/PT. Unfortunately, I only have access to the small thumbnail versions of the photos at this time.

Flashpoint Flashpoint

February 10, 2009

Jessica's Flashpoint Premiere [2:30 AM ET]

According to the CBS press page, Jessica's first episode of Flashpoint will be on Friday, February 27th at 9:00PM ET/PT.

CBS released this photo on Feb 6th with a caption...

Jessica SteenFLASHPOINT -- "Business as Usual" -- David Paetkau (Sam Braddock) and Jessica Steen (Donna, the new member of the SRU team) star in FLASHPOINT, Friday February 27 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Steve Wilkie/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc.


February 5, 2009

Some Flashpoint news [8:30 AM ET]

It would appear that Jessica's debut on Flashpoint is coming this month. From what I have been reading, the weather in Toronto has been really bad and that has delayed the new seasons episodes from airing. In any case, here are a few bits I have found.

CBS released this photo yesterday of Jessica with a caption...

Jessica Steen

Flashpoint -- Jessica Steen stars as Donna, the newest member of the SRU team, on FLASHPOINT, broadcast Fridays (9:00 - 10:00PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Steve Wilkie/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The following article had a mention of Jessica (thanks to Wraithfodder's Lair)

New York Daily Vue (from NY Daily News newspaper)

Feb 01 2009 – Flashpoint’s Colantoni gets fed information

Crew people sometimes know things before actors are on a series, says Flashpoint star Enrico Colantoni. “I hear I might actually go out on a date,” the actor says of his divorced character, Sgt. Greg Parker. “I got that from the hair and makeup people.” According to him, the only person who really has the inside scoop on his CBS series about a team of elite crisis-managing cops “is the craft services lady. She seems to know everything.” He got info on the new character being played by Jessica Steen – filing in for Amy Jo Johnson, who has been on maternity leave – by visiting the craft services table as well. In the story arc developing this month, Steen is “sort of the catalyst that disrupts the flow of the team.”

January 26, 2009

Heartland renewed for a 3rd season! [12:00 AM ET]

The Canadian series Heartland that Jessica has appeared in 10 episodes so far, (with another coming soon) has been renewed for a 3rd season. Hopefully, this means Jessica will be appearing in future episodes of Heartland as well.

January 17, 2009

Jessica on Heartland tomorrow [9:10 PM ET]

This is a reminder for you Canadians that Jessica will appear in tomorrows episode of Heartland. The episode is titled "Divorce Horse" and you can see photos from the episode on CBC's Heartland website. Heartland airs Sundays at 7:00PM on CBC.

December 21, 2008

Jennifer "Pilot" Chase fills in for the Pink Power Ranger [2:00 AM ET]

Beginning this January, Jessica will begin to shoot episodes of the CBS (USA) and CTV (Canada) TV series Flashpoint. Jessica will apparently play a character that fills in for the series female lead's character played by Amy Jo Johnson (who recently had a baby). Amy Jo Johnson is most famous for playing the "Pink Power Ranger" in the hit children's series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The air dates will be posted when they are known. The first season of Flashpoint aired this past summer for 9 episodes and the show will return for a 2nd season on CBS and CTV on Friday, Jan. 9, 2009 @ 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT. (For those scratching their heads at the headline, Jessica played a character by the name of Jennifer "Pilot" Chase in the 1987-88 childrens TV series Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, which in a few ways was a similiar show (but much better written) to the Power Rangers.

Jessica has a "Secret" [2:00 AM ET]

Jessica recently finished working on a movie for the Lifetime Channel titled "A Nanny's Secret." The movie stars Haylie Duff (sister of Hillary Duff), Jon McLaren and Eric Johnson (Smallville). The movie was written by Christine Conradt who coincidentally wrote 4 movies that another actress (also from Toronto) that I do a web site for, Cynthia Preston is in. "A Nanny's Secret" should air sometime next Spring on Lifetime.

NCIS Memorial [2:00 AM ET]

On the November 11, 2008 episode of NCIS titled "Collateral Damage" the show paid a little homage to Jessica's character Agent Paula Cassidy who was killed on the show last year in the season 4 episode "Grace Period." In the November 11th episode they show a wall of officers that were killed in the line of duty and on the wall they used a photo of Jessica (as Paula Cassidy). Click the links below to see 2 stills from the episode. (Special thanks to Tesub Calle for the heads up.)

Screen Capture 1 | Screen Capture 2

December 19, 2008


October 28, 2008

Even More Heartland [4:00 AM ET]

Jessica recently finished working on the episode "Seismic Shifts" of the CBC TV drama Heartland (in Canada only). Jessica was in episode #4 "Dancing in the Dark" that aired this past Sunday and she should be in the next 2 episodes as well, which air the following 2 Sundays. The episode titled "Corporate Cowgirls" airs on Nov 2nd and the episode "Holding Fast" on Nov 9th). After those 2 episodes air, Jessica should be appearing in at least 2 more episodes this season.

September 19, 2008

More Heartland [4:30 AM ET]

Jessica is back in Canada shooting a couple more episodes of the CBC TV drama Heartland. The two episodes she is currently working on are "Divorce Horse" and the other is titled "Seismic Shifts." That makes 6 episodes so far in season 2 that she appears in. The second season of Heartland returns this Fall (in Canada) on October 5, 2008.

Vipers on Sci-Fi Channel (and video) [4:30 AM ET]

vipers coverA "movie" that Jessica has a part in called "Vipers" will air this Sunday, September 21st at 9:00PM ET. The movie stars Tara Reid, Corbin Bernsen, Mercedes McNab and the late Don S. Davis (of Stargate). The movie will also be released on DVD this Tuesday, September 23rd. You can order the DVD from Amazon.

Considering the plot, (genetically enhanced snakes that are on the loose after a break-in at a medical research laboratory) the cast, (Tara Reid, Corbin Bernsen etc...) the fact that it is premiering on the Sc-Fi Channel and then 2 days later released on video.... and with a video cover like that (as you can see on the left) well... I don't think we will be seeing any Academy Award nominations any time soon if you know what I mean.

July 17, 2008

Jessica returns to Heartland [5:30 PM ET]

Jessica is currently back in Canada shooting more episodes of the CBC TV drama Heartland. The following is a list of episodes that Jessica is working on...

Episode #1: Ghost Horse (one scene)
Episode #4: Dancing in the Dark (a number of scenes)
Episode #5: Corporate Cowgirls (one scene)
Episode #6: Holding Fast
(a few scenes)

The second season of Heartland returns this Fall (in Canada) on October 5, 2008.

May 16, 2008

Transit Lounge online... [9:40 PM ET]

A short film that Jessica starred in called Transit Lounge can now be viewed online at the director Keith Hlady's website. The site also has a photo gallery of pictures from the film.

For those interested in buying a copy of Transit Lounge on DVD, please send an email to The DVD is $15 USD plus P/H.


March 20, 2008

Heartland gets a 2nd season, jPod on the other hand... [10:35 PM ET]

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the CBC drama Heartland (that Jessica has a recurring role in) has been renewed for an 18 episode 2nd season which starts shooting in May. The other series that Jessica also had a recurring role in, jPod was not renewed for another season.

March 7, 2008

NCIS - Paula Cassidy Marathon on USA Network? [10:00 AM ET]

I have a keyword search on my Tivo that looks for any shows that Jessica appears in and I just discovered something interesting. On Saturday, March 15th the USA Network cable channel appears to be having an NCIS "Agent Paula Cassidy" (Jessica's character) episode marathon as part of their 10 episode NCIS marathon that starts at 1PM that day. Starting at 5PM, the USA Network is airing in order every episode Jessica appeared in (including the brief "via satellite" appearance ones). It is too much a coincidence to be anything other than a Paula Cassidy Marathon considering her episodes appear scattered over 4 seasons.

All times listed below are Eastern. I am not sure if they would be the same in Pacific time so check your local listings. (Note: that my Tivo currently says Jessica's episodes start at 4:00PM but USA Networks site says they start at 5:00PM. I will post an update if the schedule changes)

Sat, March 15, 2008 (USA Network)

5:00PM - "Minimum Security"
6:00PM - "Bete Noir"
7:00PM - "Reveille"
8:00PM - "Heart Break"
9:00PM - "Mind Games"
10:00PM - "Grace Period"

February 15, 2008

"Chaos" finally arrives in the US [5:40 AM ET]

"Chaos," a movie that Jessica worked on in early 2004 and had already been released in other countries 2 years ago, finally arrives in the USA. The movie comes out in 4 days (February 19th) on DVD. Jessica's part in this movie is VERY small so I wouldn't go out of your way to see it. The movie stars Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes and Ryan Phillippe.

Buy Chaos at

Heartland updates [5:40 AM ET]

As was mentioned in the previous news entry, another episode of Heartland (Episode 11: "Thicker than Water") that Jessica was in aired this past Sunday. The official CBC Heartland website has photos that include Jessica from the episode. Episode #12 airs this Sunday, February 17th at 7:00PM ET (which Jessica does not appear in) and Episode 13, the season finale, (that Jessica does appear in) airs one week later, on Sunday, February 24 at 7pm.

February 2, 2008

jPod and Heartland updates [11:40 AM ET]

Jessica appeared in episode #4 of jPod (titled "Feed the Need") that aired this past Tuesday, Jan 29th. Those of you in Canada who missed it can watch the episodes on the jPod Website. (Same goes for episodes of Heartland). I don't believe the CBC site allows anyone outside of Canada to stream the episodes unfortunately. For those with broadband connections that use Bit Torrent, the episodes of both jPod and Heartland can be downloaded at

Also be sure to keep watching Heartland which starts airing new episodes tomorrow Feb 3rd on CBC @ 7:00PM ET (check local listings for time and channel in your area of Canada). Episode #10 airs tomorrow and Jessica should be appearing in episodes #11 and #13 (which I think is the last episode of the season) in the coming weeks ahead. I would recommend watching all the remaining episodes in the event that Jessica appears in one that I am not aware of (as has happened before).

January 25, 2008

Heartland update [5:30 AM ET]

Jessica was supposed to have appeared in Heartland episode #9 "Ghosts from the Past" this past Sunday, however that wasn't the case. Not sure what happened there. In any Jessica should be appearing in episodes 11 and 13 in the coming weeks. Episode #10 airs Sunday, Feb 3rd.

January 14, 2008

Heartland & jPod [6:30 AM ET]

Happy New Year everyone! Just a reminder that Jessica's episodes of Heartland are airing currently on the CBC in Canada. Jessica appeared in episode #7: "Come What May" last Sunday, Jan 6th and she appeared in Episode #8: "Out of the Darkness" yesterday, Jan 13th. Jessica will also appear in episode #9 "Ghosts from the Past" which should air this Sunday as well as episodes 11 and 13 in the coming weeks. Check out the CBC's Heartland page for more info on the series.

As was mentioned before, Jessica also appears in the CBC series jPod which airs Tuesday's at 9:00PM ET on the CBC in Canada. Episode #2 of jPod airs tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan 15th. It isn't known when Jessica's episodes will air, but the name of one of her episodes is "Steve Leaves" (unknown episode number) and Episode #13: "Colony Collapse and Disorder." Check out the CBC's jPod page for more info on the series. jPod Episode Guide

December 19, 2007


Jessica in CBC's Heartland [5:30 AM ET]

For those in Canada, Jessica has already appeared in one episode of the CBC TV series Heartland (Episode #3: "Breaking Free".) I believe episode #6 was the last episode to air. Jessica will appear in the following episodes...

Episode  8: "Out of the Darkness"
Episode  9: "Ghosts from the Past"
Episode 11: "Thicker than Water"
Episode 13: "Coming Together"

Heartland airs Sundays at 7:00PM ET on CBC (I don't believe it is airing this Sunday however because of the Christmas holiday). If your in Canada check your local listings in your area.

Also check out the CBC's Official Heartland page for more information on the series.

Vipers [5:30 AM ET]

Jessica just recently finished work on a movie called "Vipers" starring Tara Reid. The IMDB entry for Vipers has a synopsis that reads...

"A set of vipers has been taken by the scientists, and they've mutated them to make a cure for cancer, Then their experiment goes awry, and all these vipers escape into the woods, and they're not only biting people, they're actually killing people, in a little town."

Alrighty then....I know what your thinking... This sounds really really bad! Well, you are probably right. IMDB has a release date of September 2008. I will try and give you fair warning when I know the exact date. (Now that I think of it, maybe Jessica would rather I didn't mention this one.) Oh well, too late! Ummm... Happy Birthday Jessica!! :-)

September 20, 2007

Captain Power 20th Anniversary [3:05 PM ET]

On this day 20 years ago in 1987, the TV series Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future made its debut on syndicated TV. As many fans already know, Jessica played Jennifer "Pilot" Chase on the show. To celebrate the anniversary, some fans put together a special website. The anniversary site incudes comments from the cast and crew as well as all sorts of information and memoribilia about the series. Note: Jessica answered a bunch of questions for use on the site and they will be posted on that website by this coming weekend, so be sure to check the site then.

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future 20th Anniversary (website)

Also to celebrate, here are 3 rare promotional photos of Jessica as Jennifer "Pilot" Chase as well as a group photo of the whole Captain Power team!

(click on the thumbnails below to see a larger version)

Jessica Steen  Jessica Steen  Jessica Steen  Captain Power Cast

For more information about Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future here are a few links:

Captain Power Wikipedia entry

A Captain Power Fan Site

September 12, 2007

jPod Premiere Date Announced [6:00 PM ET]

jPod, the 13 part series for the CBC that Jessica has a 4 episode role in, (see July 5th entry below) will premiere on the CBC in Canada on Tuesday, January 8, 2008 @ 9:00PM according to Douglas Coupland's (the author of the book the series is based on) official website. Following is a recent article about the series..

Lights, camera, action at Mill Lake (article)

Heartland Article [6:00 PM ET]

The Edmonton Journal published an article about the CBC series "Heartland" in which Jessica has a recurring role in (see July 24th entry below). According to the article the series is set to premiere sometime in mid-October.

CBC counts on Heartland (article)

July 24, 2007

Jessica in "Heartland" [2:30 PM ET]

Hot off the heels of her 4 episode appearance on JPod (see entry below) Jessica has scored another role. This time for a recurring role on a CBC series called Heartland (not to be confused with the series "Heartland" currently airing in the U.S. on TNT starring Treat Williams.)

The series Heartland that Jessica appears in as described on the CBC's marketing website says that Heartland is "A multi-generational family drama series set in the fictional town of Hudson located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. Heartland is a place like no other; a horse ranch with a special mission of healing abused or neglected horses and finding them new homes."

Jessica plays the role of "Lisa Stillman" a wealthy horse owner. For a more complete description of the series see the links below.

Sadly, Heartland (as well as jPod) are productions for the CBC in Canada, which means they aren't likely to be seen in the U.S.


Information on Heartland from the CBC's website

'Heartland' star riding high

July 5, 2007

Jessica Joins "jPod" [2:00 AM ET]

Jessica scored a 4 episode role in a new comedy TV series for the CBC in January 2008 called JPod.

JPod the series is based on the novel of the same name by Douglas Coupland. The story concerns a group of video game programmers whose last names all begin with "J". They live and work in a development "pod", which they refer to as the "jPod", within a company that Coupland has described as "resembles, but legally no way is Electronic Arts", located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (where the TV series is also shooting). Since this series is for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) I am not sure if or when it will air in the USA.

For more information on jPod, check out these links...

An article about the jPod TV Series

jPod the novel at

The Official Website of the jPod novel

jPod Wikipedia entry

May 30, 2007

Transit Lounge Photos [4:15 AM ET]

Back in late 2005 Jessica had the lead role in a short film called "Transit Lounge." The film takes place around the events of September 11, 2001 in NYC. In fact they used the World Trade Center set used in another production of a mini-series called "The Path to 9/11" which aired in September 2006 (the director of "Transit Lounge" was a camera operator on that mini-series). The film was also shot on the set of 'This is Wonderland', a CBC-TV comedy series. I don't have any information on when this film will be released or where it can be seen, however Jessica's new demo reel (which will be posted soon) contains a scene from the film. Also, there is a website that contains stills of Jessica from the film.

Transit Lounge Photos

April 5, 2007

Grand Slam Convention Appearance [7:55 AM ET]

Jessica will be appearing at Creation Entertainment's GRAND SLAM XV: THE SCI-FI SUMMIT in Burbank California on Friday, April 13th at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel. Check out Creation Entertainments website for more details. I apologize for the late notice on this, but due to some miscommunication, the details of Jessica's appearance weren't known until just recently.

March 21, 2007

Another episode of NCIS! [1:05 AM ET]

Jessica once again plays Agent Paula Cassidy in the new Tuesday, April 3rd episode of NCIS titled "Grace Period" on CBS. This marks Jessica's 6th episode appearance on the series. Jessica has a big part in this episode, so don't miss it!

February 23, 2007

Canooks! [12:40 PM ET]

Jessica recently completed work on a new "pilot" called "Canooks". The show is about "a small town Canadian talent agent (played by Shelli Clark) who is determined to bust out big in THE HOLLYWOOD BIZ, opens an LA branch in her tiny overstuffed Studio City home, and works like a dog in heat to get her Canadian clients a shot at the brass ring. She’ll do whatever it takes, and expects her clients to do the same." Jessica plays the part of "Kat Baines" in the pilot.

That's all the info I have on the pilot at this time. More information will be posted when I receive it.

December 19, 2006


September 6, 2006

Jessica's CSI episode moved [11:50 PM ET]

According to, Jessica's episode of CSI (titled "Toe Tags") has been moved to Thursday, October 5th at 9:00PM on CBS. It was originally slated to be the season 7 premiere episode.

July 26, 2006

Jessica in CSI Season 7 Premiere [7:45 PM ET]

Jessica is currently shooting the season 7 premiere episode of CSI (titled "Toe Tags"). The episode is scheduled to premiere Thursday, September 21st on CBS.

February 9, 2006

Supernatural episode airdate [5:50 AM ET]

As was mentioned below, Jessica did an episode of the WB series WB TV Series Supernatural. The title of the episode is "The Benders." The episode will air on February 14th on the WB. However, in some areas, the episode might air at a different date and time. So please check your local listings for the date, time and channel in your area. is a good source for TV listings.

January 18, 2006

Jessica on Supernatural [5:50 AM ET]

Jessica just finished shooting an episode of the WB TV Series Supernatural. The title of the episode is "The Benders" and it should air sometime in February (maybe Feb 14th?). Check back for the airdate.

Chaos Trailer [5:45 AM ET]

ChaosBack in 2004 Jessica had a small part in the movie Chaos that stars Wesley Snipes, Jason Statham and Ryan Phillippe. Although there doesn't appear to be a release date for North American yet, it will be released in France this month and Australia next month. You can view a scene from the movie that you can see Jessica very briefly in (she plays a news reporter) at




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