Jessica live at...
New Pacificon 1996

April 19-21, 1996 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Below are some thumbnails of images taken by various New Pacificon '96 attendees. A big thanks to all those who sent me images!

Note: The images on this page are the properties of the noted individuals, and may not be used without permission.


(Photos by Gryphon)

(From left to right)
1. Jessica on stage, sitting. (yes, I know that was difficult to figure out).
2. Jessica posing for an ad for Coca-Cola! (Not!)
3. Jessica suprised to see someone she knows in the audience.
4. Jessica still sitting there.
5. It's Kelly and Jessica!
6. Jessica (duh!)

(Photos by Roobin )

(From left to right)
1. Jessica with John Gegenhuber.
2. Jessica at the autograph table with Clancy Brown.

(Photos by Bronwyn)

(From left to right)
1. Caution! Jessica's smile in this photo may frighten small children!
2. The 3 "Canuckleheads!" (Cheryl, Jess and Bronwyn)

(Photos by Michele Hochheimer)

(Photos by Raman Pfaff)

(Photos by Cathy Bolton)

(Photos by Chris Shelton)


Here is a great page of pictures from Raman Pfaff of New Pacificon and some of the locations.




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