Miscellaneous Jessica Steen Images

3 photos from the same shoot for July 1998 issue of CINEMA but not used.

(added 7-30-99)

Photographer: Jonas Mohr 
3 publicity photos of Jessica.
Photos by Jeff Katz.

(added 5-27-98 and 7-26-98)
Jessica's faceJessica in July98 Cinema 2 photos from the July issue of CINEMA. (added 6-28-98)
Photographer: Jonas Mohr 
js_aol.jpgJessica's faceJessica's face
A few more publicity photos. (added 6-20-98)
I had this photo up on the main page for a while, but replaced it with a photo from Armageddon since that movie is coming out soon.  This picture is too good not to put up somewhere, so here it is. This photo was taken by actor David Newsom who co-starred with Jessica on the TV series Homefront. (added 6-12-98) 
A shot from the July 1998 issue of Glamour magazine. The photo featured 5 other actresses as well. 
Photo by Robert Trachtenberg.

(added 6-12-98)

A very elegant photo from the Summer 1998 issue of SMOKE Magazine.

Photo by Jeff Katz.

(added 6-9-98)
A nice photo from the June 1998 issue of Allure.
Photo by Jim Wright.

(added 6-9-98)
From the February 14,  1998 issue of Soap Opera Weekly.
pic from Venice Magazine
From the June 1997 issue of Venice Magazine. See also the article that was in the same issue for more photos. 
Photo by Elisa Haber
People's Choice Awards 2
A photo from backstage at the 1992 People's Choice Awards (for Homefront).
Jessica from SOU A nice closeup from the 3/23/93 issue of Soap Opera Update (for Homefront).
People's Choice Awards 1
Another photo from backstage at the 1992 People's Choice Awards (for Homefront).
B&W Jessica photo
A photo from the New Pacificon '96 program (this photo was also used in the TV Movie "The Great Pretender", so it is at least from as far back as 1989).
B&W Jessica photo (SING) A publicity photo taken from the presskit of the movie "SING"(1989).
Jessica in People Mag. From the Nov. 20, 1995 issue of People Magazine. Taken by actress Sharon Lawrence at the Copacabana revue premiere, Las Vegas, 7-29-95.
pic from Total Health Cover of Total Health Magazine (1995). 




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