Earth 2
Jessica Steen plays Dr. Julia Heller M.D.Earth 2


Julia on the beachJulia and Alonzo on the beachJessica autographJulia and Alonzo

Jessica Immortalized at "Tent Rocks" NM These photos were sent to me and taken in New Mexico at "Tent Rocks", which is one of the locations they filmed "Earth 2". The pictures below are of an information sign (shot at different zoom lengths) that lists all the different television and film productions that were shot there. The image on the far right shows a close up of "Earth 2" (spelled Earth II on the sign) and lists the main cast members (including Jessica).

Click on the thumbnails to see the full size image.

Tent Rocks pic 1Tent Rocks pic 2Tent Rocks pic 3
(Special thanks to Char & Maddie for the photos!)


Episode List
  • First Contact (2 hour pilot; Originally Aired 11/06/94)
  • The Man Who Fell to Earth Two (Originally Aired 11/13/94)
  • Life Lessons (Originally Aired 11/20/94)
  • Promises, Promises (Originally Aired 11/27/94)
  • A Memory Play (Originally Aired 12/04/94)
  • Water (Originally Aired 12/11/94)
  • The Church of Morgan (Originally Aired 12/18/94)
  • The Enemy Within (Originally Aired 01/08/95)
  • Redemption (Originally Aired 01/22/95)
  • Moon Cross (Originally Aired 02/05/95)
  • Better Living Through Morganite Part 1 (Originally Aired 02/19/95)
  • Better Living Through Morganite Part 2 (Originally Aired 02/26/95)
  • Grendlers in the Mist (Originally Aired 03/05/95)
  • The Greatest Love Story Never Told (Originally Aired 03/12/95)
  • Brave New Pacifica (Originally Aired 03/26/95)
  • After the Thaw (Originally Aired 04/02/95)
  • The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King (Originally Aired 04/23/95)
  • Survival of the Fittest (Originally Aired 05/01/95)
  • All About Eve (Originally Aired 05/23/95)
  • Natural Born Grendlers (Originally Aired 05/30/95)
  • Flower Child (Originally Aired 06/06/95)



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