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Alfred Hitchcock Presents 

"Man on the Edge"
First Aired: February 7, 1987
Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen

Episode Information:
          A troubled young man threatens to jump from the 28th floor of a

          hotel as police officers attempt to stop him.

                    Mark Hamill                   Danny Carlyle

                    Michael Ironside            Lt. Rick Muldoon

                    David B. Nichols            Captain Allard

                    Jessica Steen               Sally Carlyle

              Teleplay by

                    James Norman Beaver Jr.

              Story by

                    Donald Honig

              Directed by

                    Robert Iscove


                    Clark Johnson                Officer Stoker

                    John Gilbert                   Mr. Springer

                    Jack Jessop                   Bell Man

                    James O'Regan               T.V. Cameraman

                    Sam Stone                    1st Cabbie

                    Warren Van Evera           2nd Cabbie

                    Dick Callaghan               3rd Cabbie



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