Episode Title: "True Lies"
First broadcast: January 25, 1996



Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen
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Episode Information:

True Lies  1/25/96

         Starring: Red Buttons, Tim de Zarn, Jessica Steen, Yvonne Zima, Ron Rifkin, Christine Harnos, William H. Macy, CCH Pounder
         Written by: Lance Gentile
         Directed by: Lesli Linka Glatter

        Mark tries to keep knowledge of the divorce from Rachel and invites Susan to go skating with them. A young woman has to deal with her deep anger when her alcoholic mother falls into what could be a terminal coma. Doug is reluctant to believe that a child's alcoholic father has reformed. Peter asks Jeanie to accompany him to a formal dinner at Vucelich's home. Carter fails to deal with Ruby's fears for his wife or to inform him there's little more they can do.




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