The Littlest Hobo
Episode Title: "Torque"
First broadcast: January 31, 1985


Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen
Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen Jessica Steen

The Littlest Hobo was a long running Canadian TV series about the adventures of a dog named "London". The series ran from 1963-65 and then was remade into another series in 1979-85.  Jessica appeared in the 6th and final season (84-85) of the series portraying a go-cart racer by the nickname of "Torque" (which also happens to be the name of the episode). For more information about The Littlest Hobo, check out Kevin McCorry's excellent The Littlest Hobo site.

Episode Summary (by Kevin McCorry)

London wanders onto a racing track for motorized go-carts and notices a mechanic sabotaging a rear wheel of one of the vehicles. London is unable to prevent a driver, Hamish Welsh, from driving the sabotaged go-cart, which loses its tampered wheel and crashes. Welsh, the lead driver for an Ontario team slated to participate in an important race in Detroit, breaks an arm in the crash and must be replaced as the team's representative driver.  London learns that the mechanic who sabotaged Welsh's go-cart is Welsh's brother, Shep, who wants to be the team's driver and sees himself as next in line for the position. However, Shep has two rivals in this regard, an able driver named Colin and Hamish's girl-friend, Torque, who, with Hamish and London's help, defies the male bias of the team captain with her driving skills and determination as she and Colin compete to determine who will drive in the Detroit race. Shep sabotages Colin's go-cart to lose power at a crucial point, and London obtains Shep's tool box, containing pieces of the fuel-syphoning rubber hose used by Shep to sabotage the go-cart, and brings it to the team captain, who sees the rubber hose, deduces Shep's guilt, and dismisses Shep. Shep retaliates by putting oil in the gas tank of Torque's go-cart, but Hamish offers Torque his own go-cart for the Detroit race, in which, the team captain decides, Torque will be the team's driver.

Guest stars: Jessica Steen (Torque), Bryan Genesse (Hamish Welsh).

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