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The Toronto Star
ENTERTAINMENT Sunday, April 14, 1991

* Fast Forward

The Great Pretender, originally titled Dead-End Brattigan and airing tonight at 9 on Channel 9 and Buffalo's Channel 2, has all the elements of a movie-length pilot for a series that was never picked up.

Engaging in its own quaint way, this yarn about a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist who's sent, quite literally, to the basement to improve "dead" stories not worthy of print after implicating his publisher in a political scandal, is romantic and adventurous in a Front Page way, and no more truthful about the real lives of newspaper hacks.

An energetic time-waster with a couple of engaging performances (from Bruce Greenwood and Jessica Steen), The Great Pretender starts with a great premise and ends with a chase, to its detriment.

The Toronto Sun
Entertainment Friday, April 26, 1991

Some actors have been able to get away from the lousy weather we've been having by shooting different episodes of Sweating Bullets - in Mexico. Sean McCann is there, as a guest star, as I write. The episode is being directed by Tim Bond and also features Jessica Steen and Michael Kirby. Clark Johnson just completed an episode of Bullets and is waiting to see if the CBS pilot, Cooper Smith, which he shot in L.A., is going to be picked up.

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