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A Second Chance

Maclean's (January 2, 1995) Vol. 108 Issue 1, p43, 1/3p, 1c

edited by: Barbara Wickens

In the futuristic television series Earth 2, Toronto-born actress Jessica Steen portrays the "genetically enhanced" Dr. Julia Heller. It is a key role in the one-hour drama that focuses on the adventures
of a group of survivors after they crash-land on an Earth-like planet 22 light-years away. But before signing on for the show - whose stark landscape is filmed in and around Santa Fe, N.M. - Steen says that she seldom watched science-fiction entertainment. "I was never a Trekkie," she says, referring to the fans of the immensely popular Star Trek series. Instead, says Steen, she was drawn to Earth 2 for
another reason - its strong environmental message. On the show, the crash survivors had originally set out on their expedition because a mysterious syndrome was fatally ravaging humans born or raised on
space stations orbiting a planet that was no longer habitable. "In the future of Earth 2, it is clear that we have blown it on Earth 1," says Steen. "Then, we get a second chance on a new, pristine planet.
I hope we can convey that sense of awe and wonder - and people will begin looking around the environment as if they too were seeing it all for the first time."

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