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March 30, 1993

"New Love for Homefront's Linda: Is it Real This Time?"  

        After all that heartache, Linda Metcalf's (Jessica Steen) love life is finally looking up on Homefront. Her new editor, Phil Havel (Sam Behrens), will be showing her more than a professional interest, the show reports. And it will be up to Linda to decide whether she wants to mix business with pleasure.
        According to Steen, Linda may consider romancing the boss - though she does have conflicting feelings about it. "He talks a blue streak, and she likes what it sounds like," she says. "It's very intriguing, and his morals and principles seem to be in the right place. I don't know if they stay there, and that gets a little confusing for Linda."

        Linda's two love stories had unhappy endings. Mike Sloan, Jr. left her for Gina; her second suitor, Bill, turned out to be a con artist who was out for her money. But Phil could be different, Steen says. "Third time's lucky, I suppose," she hints. "Linda might get lucky."

        Steen says she's thrilled to be working with Behrens (ex-Jake, General Hospital; ex-Danny, Knots Landing). "He's a great guy," she enthuses. "We had to jump right into dancing cheek to cheek, and we were going for it quite quickly. It's hard to be a guest star and have a million lines to say. He had a long monologue on his first day, and he was great."

        (And this is from the top page 14 of the same mag, under the heading "VCR Alert." Just to the right of it, there is a pic of Phil helping Linda with her coat and the caption "Linda's editor, Phil, has his eye on more than just her copy on Homefront.")

"Off the Record"

        Reporting is complicated work, as Linda is quickly finding out on Homefront. But all the on-the-job maneuvering is nothing compared to what's going on behind the scenes. It seems Linda's boss, Phil, has had his eye on more than the next story. He may be an ideal man, but he's also her boss. How will she react when he makes romantic overtures on Tuesday, March 23?

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