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Tampa Bay Tribune
January, 1998

Principal Takes A Holiday

Disney does bring out the kid in adults.

"I can still picture myself sitting there watching Tinkerbell fly around on the TV set, and singing along," laughs Jessica Steen about her Toronto childhood memories of Sunday's 'A Wonderful World of Disney' shows.

Now it's our turn to watch her, as Celia Shine, a "bubbly, energetic, fumbling with eagerness" new teacher who sets out to prove that new principal Franklin Fitz ('Hiller and Diller's' Kevin Nealon) is just a fraud put in power by notorious prankster John Scaduto ('Home Improvement's' Zachery Ty Bryan), who needs to make it through his senior year problem-free to claim a big inheritance check.

"I have a strong belief in television shows that are kind, uplifting entertainment," notes Steen, who has had her share of dramas with 'Homefront' and 'Earth 2'. "People need to have fun. The world out there is daunting enough at times than to sit down in front of the TV and just be buried deeper by the news, or by horrendous movies of the week that focus on tragedy.

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