Comments from visitor's about The Jessica Steen Page
(aka. The George ego boosting page!)
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From: "Gosia"
Subject: The Jessica Steen Page Comment
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 18:44:22 +0200

Hi George!!!

Your page about Jessica Steen is really fantastic, actually,
the best that I've ever seen.You've got great pictures which are good quality, and you've got many information about J.S..
Although I know her only from 'Earth 2' she's my favourite actress.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to know about J.S. more.
Keep up the good work,
Gosia from Poland.

From: "Stefan Pettersson"
Subject: Comments about your page
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 05:09:17 PDT

Mr. Cifrancis

I will start of this mail by congratulating you to your work with the
Jessica Steen Page. Mrs. Steen is just one of my many interests so I
have visited many other sites on the net that i find interesting and
I've seen many great sites but no one has so far been close to compete
with your site. The Jessica Steen Page is no.1 when it comes many of the
most important contents a superb site should include. One thing you
can't avoid noticing about Jessica is that she's not only a great
actress but she's incredible good looking as well. This is where the
excellent photo gallery comes into the picture which provides every
hungry Steen fan with the latest photos, right?! I think its great with
the screen shots from Earth 2 and other series which makes you think of
the moments in the series which are memorable. And for those who wants
more professional photos from magazines and other publications, you
don't have to look to far to find them either. So there's absolutely
nothing to complain about concerning the photo section.

Among the things I enjoy most about your page is that I as an frequent
visitor of the site don't have to look what's new or not. You just have
to click on the site update, and away you go! The information part on
the site is great as well. That part includes filmography, biography,
articles, calendar and Jessica on TV. The last mentioned is a perfect
tool for any fan to simply check out when their favourite-actress is on
TV. The calendar provides the same great information, when and where,
mrs. Steen will show up.

Now, the only thing I really have to complain about is the biography
which is slightly or rather much to short for anyone like me who likes
to know quite much about her background and so forth. So I'm hoping for
an improvement there.

But as I stated before: The Jessica Steen Page is no.1. In fact, it's
one reason that kept my Steen-interest
up for a long time in a part of the world where she isn't that
well-known. Because I live in Sweden and the shortage of American
channels are therefore quite big. The series in which I discovered
Jessica was Earth 2 and it's with sorrow I can tell you that the last
episode of the show was shown four days ago.

And " Kärlekens vindar ", the swedish name for " Homefront ", is due to
end in three weeks. So I'm looking at a not very bright future when it
comes to shows with Jessica Steen. In those dark days I will turn to
your page for the fulfillment of my " Steen - needs ".

From: "Thorsten Schmidt"
Subject: The Jessica Steen Page Comment
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 00:11:56 +0200

Hi George!
I just wanted to tell you that your "Jesica Steen Page" is the best maintained web page
I've ever seen!!! It is ALWAYS actual, it has a very logical design and you always find
what you're looking for. This site is an example for good web site design! I will try very
hard to learn from it for the design of the web site of our student group....
Additionally, your page is about a pretty fascinating actress (well, actually she's pretty
AND fascinating!). This adds up to a must-vistit-page!!

Conclusion: Keep up the good work!
Best regards,
    Thorsten, Jessica Steen fan from Germany

Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 18:15:21 -0700

Dear George,


I am just writing to say thank you for doing such a nice job on the
Jessica Steen page.

I was a huge Earth 2 fan and was very upset about it's cancellation.
I am new to the internet just about 3 wks now.  And I ran into this page
merely by accident and enjoy checking it out on a weekly basis.  Jessica
was one of my favorite characters on the story and since running into
your page, I have become more aware of her and her career.  She is quite
an actress and I hope to enjoy watching her gain success and recognition
in her acting career.

thanks again George,


Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 16:37:41 -0800

From: M-F Desjardins

Dear George

I am a fan of Jessica too and I find your Home Page very well done.


Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 06:30:54 -0800

From: Mike Hutchison

Nice website!  I just saw Jessica on "The Outer Limits" ('The Refuge'
episode), and think she's stunningly beautiful.

Imagine my surprise when I found such a comprehensive summary of her work -
I hadn't known she had such a list of credits.  Of course, I'm bound to
like her work, she was born 4 days after me...!  :-)  (haha!)
I look forward to seeing more of her work, I'll have to try to keep an eye



Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 20:56:43 +0000

From: Jim Farnel
Subject: Great Page!

Just a quick note to say what a great job you've done with this page.
I'm a huge Jessica Steen fan (I watched SuperChannel reruns of The Outer
Limits for 3 months to try to get "The Refuge") and it was an unexpected
pleasure to find such a great resource here on the Web.  Keep up the
good work!

Here's hoping E2 returns, and that Trial and Error comes out early! :)



Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 21:23:58 -0800

From: Sherri McCarty
Subject: Jessica Steen Page

I really like your page on Jessica Steen - I think she's a tremendously
talented actress and I now have a place to check to find out what I can see
her in next.  You did a great job with the organization of the page - it's
easy to go to exactly what you're looking for.

Date: Sat, 01 Feb 1997 12:27:57 +0000
From: Cafe Surf Birmingham
Subject: street legal

Jessica was in a 1990 episode playing Karen MacNeil.  She was suing  a
politician for sexual harrassement and wrongful dismissal - and won!  I
don't have a title for the episode, but it was the one where Olivia was
interfering with a soap contract of Chuck's and Carrie was having trouble
with her 'daughter's ' real mother coming out of prison.  It was the episode
immediately prior to Leon deciding to run for mayor.

I hope this helps.

Your website is a great help to us fans.

From: Lim Alwyn Ye-Yohn

Subject: pilot pilot pilot

This is absoltuely amazing - a homepage dedicated to jessica steen. i've
seen only captain power, homefront and earth 2. i'm a huge fan of pilot on
captain power; i'm absolutely in love with her! i come from singapore and
i don't anybody else here that watches captain power so if you're from
around here, please e-mail me!

great homepage, great actress.

warmest regards,


From: Hilmar Malmquist

Subject: Your Page

As a GREAT Jessica Steen/Earth 2 fan I'm just gonna say that I loved your
page and I visit it every time I'm On the Internet.

And by the way my name is Huni Hilmarsson Malmquist.

From: Luree Dell-Bryan

Hello from beautiful Vancouver Island.

Let me compliment you on your tasteful and exciting Jessica
page.  Although I'm not familiar with her work, she does
appear to have many fans.  This is to let you know that my
page is pointing here.


From: David Jung

Hi my name is David.

Thank you for your page on the net. It is one of my favourite pages.
Earth 2 in Australia is almost finished with only a few more episodes to
go. Is there any possibilty at all the series will return?
Anyway I'm glad that you and others have Earth 2 pages available.



From: Roobin

As a big fan of Jessica Steen's (or is it really Dr. Heller?), I truly
enjoyed your page and will be coming again to browse.  Keep up the good work!

From: Kelly D.

Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how much I've been
enjoying your homepage for JS.  It's great to see when I log on new stuff
all the time.  That's definitely the way to keep a fresh face and keep
the visitors (like me) coming back to see what's new and improved.
Kudos!  And thank you.  Keep it up!

Personally speaking, I've been a JS fan since I first saw "The
Housekeeper" and "Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future" back in
the mid-eighties, as well as a couple of older flicks and TV stints
(remember "Easy Prey"?).  I totally loved "Homefront" and "Earth 2" and
have been quite saddened by the laters demise (yet, I still hope for
Earth 2's reemergence thanks to on-line fandom).

In any case, thanks again for entertaining me.  I'll be checking in again
in a couple of weeks and hope to see something new and inspiring.


From: Mark Malanum

Hey, I'd like to thank you for creating this page. I was
able to watch Jessica in the TV series HOMEFRONT and I loved
that show.  It's too bad that they only aired the 1st season
here (Philippines).  I hope you could tell me more about what
happens to Jessica and the other characters in the 2nd season.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure you're busy so I just want to say that
you've done a great homepage.  THANKS!


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