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Jessica Steen Fondue Recipe article

Canadian/Ontario TV Guide May 27,1995 Pg 26:

Article typed in by: Andrew Hochheimer

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"Down to Earth fondue for Jessica Steen"

Fortunately for Jessica Steen, cooking is not a requirement to play Dr. Julia Heller on NBC's sci-fi adventure series Earth 2. "I can't even cook an egg," says the Toronto-born actress with a laugh.

Steen's character is more concerned about survival on an uninhabited planet than creating gourmet meals, and the actress has had some survival training herself on the series' New Mexico set, putting up with everything from violent thunderstorms to bears stealing catered food. "It's definitely been a rare experience," says Steen.

To counter her culinary clumsiness when she's back on Earth, Steen has come up with the perfect meal for entertaining friends. "The foolproof recipe for me is fondue. I love it. It's perfect for people who can't cook." Steen's fondue parties are also becoming legendary among her costars. "Sometimes cast members will come and hang out for dinner," she says. "I'll whip up some fondue and hey, there haven't been any casualties yet!" -Erin McLaughlin


2 Cups Dry White Wine 500 mL
1 Clove of Garlic 1
3 tbsp. Kirsch 50 mL
1 tbsp. Cornstarch 5 mL
1 lb. Shredded Emmenthaler Cheese 

(or 1/2 LB (250 G) each of Emmenthaler and Gruyere Cheese) Nutmeg, White Pepper or Paprika

500 g


Pour wine into a saucepan rubbed with garlic and heat uncovered over moderately high heat. Pour kirsch into a cup and dissolve the cornstarch. When a fine foam covers the surface of the wine (but the wine has not reached a boil), gradually add shredded cheese, stirring constantly. Keep heat high, but do not let the fondue boil. Once all the cheese has been added, pour in the kirsch mixture. Continue to cook until the fondue begins to thicken. Add seasonings to taste. Quickly transfer to a fondue pot or chafing dish. Serve with pieces of crusty bread. Serves 4.

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