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December 28, 2000
Jessica's Answer

From: (name not given)

Hi Jessica,

I have discovered the art of acting in my mid year of high school. Started as just a noble person in the act's, then moved up to co-star of the shows performed. My last year received awards for the most realistic acting by a non professional in our high school and our sector. After this outcome I wanted to make acting a part of my life, even at the last night of our performance a film director form New York was in down and herd about the show. He was surprised to see how well we done the show, since he was directing it back home. He came and congratulate me for the fine work and outstanding come back since the star of the show had forgotten her lines and I recovery, to show it was just part of the act. There was tears, normal facial expression for the seen and no one noticed anything.

To make a long story short, after been pressured by my peers and family acting was gone. But as time passed I felt I wanted to part of the show, it became so much that I made my life nothing but acting. If has become so bad that its affecting my normal life, in the seance that one day I will get discovered. My dreams have been broken, my hopes have been shattered, my life is becoming a mess and I keep saying to myself. When the act finishes and the curtain comes down my life will come to an end and I would of all ways wondered about something that I really enjoyed.

I would like to know what do you think my appositions are? I'm married with 2 children, house to pay, job that one day will kill me, and all the wonderful things that come with it.

Um... I'm not sure what to say exactly except that you, like everyone, have to be the creator of your own life and you will make time for the things you love and need to do and listen to the opinions of others with regard to those dreams, hobbies or passions. I say to myself: Listen to yourself and be disciplined about making changes to ensure you enjoy the life you've been graced with. I'm working to do stuff too. Smile

Look for a local theatre and go play!
From: Valerie Lake


You're a wonderful actress and you choose a lot of interesting roles. But I do have a question for you. Recently you filmed "On Hostile Ground" with the actor John Corbett. What was it like working with him?

Thank You,

Valerie Lake


He's a sweet, funny, sexy, goofy big kid. He loves "The King" and doodles all over Polaroids doctoring them up so he looks like Elvis. He loves it when I call him a consummate professional so - he's "The Consummate Professional."

From: Dave Steen

Hi, I was wondering if you have ever done a western and if you ride horses at all?

P.S. you have a great last name!

Dave Steen

Hey Dave!

People always ask me if I am related to the Canadian runner Dave Steen -- do you get that? Have you ever heard of him? As for horses... I've ridden horses but could not call myself a rider. As for a Western? Absolutely! I would love to get dirty and gunsling and horseback. Yee Haw! Yeah, a nice epic outdoors adventure? Sign me up Dave!

From: Mia & Ellie

Hello! We are two girls from Sweden. We have seen you in Homefront, and we think it's a very great TV-program. We wonder if there will be any new episodes of Homefront? Who is your favorite actor/actress in Homefront? Which character is your favorite in the program? We think you are a great actress!

Best wishes from Mia and Ellie

Hey Mia & Ellie,

Sweden...I've never been - I would love to go someday! Homefront was a very rare experience in which many of us made lifelong friends with John Slattery, Alex Wilson, Harry O' Reilly... But my most favorite actor on the show was my older brother Hank played by David Newsom -- He's my boyfriend now. Smile I would have to say that Mrs. Sloan was my favourite character though.

From: Jamie

Hi Jessica,

My name is Jaime and I'm from Spain. Since I saw you in Earth 2 I'm a great admirer of your work and I think you are actually the best cinema actress (and the most beautiful). In special your work in the Alfred Hitchcock's episode named "man on the edge", I think was exceptional. Now, I have a few questions for you:

1- Which are your favorite films?

2- I saw you in the smoke magazine with a cigar.Do you smoke?

3- What natural places of Canada do you recommend me to visit?

I love nature and I will go to Canada with my family for holidays in the next two or three years.
For last,I wish you the better in your life and work,and lot of thanks for all. Thanks Jessica.


Jamie - Spain!! I'm dying to go to Ibiza. Where do you live?

1. The first one I remember adoring was Out of Africa.
I loved Kramer vs. Kramer, Dances with Wolves and The Big Chill (oldies eh?) Bridges of Madison County, The Insider, Harold & Maude, Philidelphia Story. I don't have favorites.

2. No blech!!! I certainly don't! Hilarious way to publicize yourself isn't it? Doing things you don't do or want to encourage others to do... Not all publicity is good publicity! It was however one of the most fun photo shoots I've ever done.

3. You must go to Banff Alberta, to the Rockies, Georgian Bay in Ontario, Clayquot Sound in British Columbia.

Lakes, Mountains, Forests...

Come visit, Canada is Magnificent!

From: Brittany

Dear Jessica,

I was wondering...Did you dream of becoming an actress when you were little, or did you want to do something else? How did you reach your decision, and will you continue to be an actress for years to come?

Thanks, Brittany

p.s. I love Earth 2 sooooooooooo much


Good question. I'm still asking myself some of those questions. No, I didn't dream of it as a child. I started early enough "acting up" in good company with my family and school mates and it eventually turned being a hobby or a given activity to a way to make $ (money). So there was no clear decision per se, which I guess leads right into the last question... to which my answer is... I don't know if I will continue to be an actress for years to come. I've never done anything else, which feels somehow weak, and like anything you have a long relationship with, there are ups and downs and sometimes you have to take breaks.

Thanks for watching E2. Don't forget take care of Earth 1.




From: Barbara Chandler

Dear Jessica:

I have been a fan since Homefront and was very disappointed that the show was never given a chance. It was wonderful. I also enjoyed Earth 2. My Daughter and I have been enjoying the reruns on the SCI-FI If channel. We both a big fans and loved you in Armageddon. I am so excited about you upcoming project, On Hostile Ground, I love this kind of movie and I am a fan of John Corbetts. I really look forward to the two of you together. I imagine the height thing was a problem again (referring to Armageddon PIC) Do you look forward to this type of movie or something on the lines of Homefront? You have done a varied body of work. I look forward to more of your work as it is always something I enjoy.


Barbara Chandler


Thanks for your support. You're right, Homefront was a classic. Likewise your fanship of John Corbett is well placed. What I look forward to most of all is moving away from Drama for a while and getting more light and comedic work.

Wish me luck... What do you do?

From: Matthew Cobb

Dear Jessica,

I just watched your movie Smart House on the Disney channel and could relate to a lot of it. My father died when I was 4 so I was kinda jealous when my mom started dating again. I think this movie will help a lot of children who are in the same position. I'm now 19 y/o and a firefighter in the U.S. Air Force. I could never have accomplished any of my goals in life without my stepfather. I never realized how many people were in the same shoes I was. But with people like you it helps young children understand, and hopefully accomplish their goals in life to.

Thanks for listening,

Matthew R. Cobb



Thanks so much for sharing your story. I'm thrilled that aspect of Smart House struck a cord with you. Your right, accepting new boyfriends and girlfriends and foster parents is very difficult. It was for me too. Boy, a firefighter that sounds so exciting. I've always wondered what it would take to be able to help fight forest fires (though I know that some are essential) that everybody should be taught how to help fight a fire should civilian help be needed! It seems so powerfully useful to me.

From: Susan Leiby

Hi Jessica,

I've been a fan of yours since Capt. Power, my name is Susan and I'm from the great state of Ohio, and just wanted to know what kind of cars do you like. If you have car preference. Mine, are mostly Toyota's and Honda's. I've seen you drive Volvo's in some of your movies, do you like them? They are really safe cars. Thank you for your time.

Susan Leiby,
Seville, Ohio.

Hey Susan,

Uh, lets just say I'm not a car person. By that I mean I don't give it too much thought. However, I really want to get an electric car. That would make me feel so much better when I pile my SUV with gear and go road tripping, which I do a fair bit. I'd love (if I could afford to have 2 cars) to drive around the city without adding to the pollution.

From: Lars Sindre Moen Lauritzen

Hi Jessica!

I am a 15 year old boy from Norway, who are a big fan of you. I`ve been it since "Homefront", I think that is the best TV- movie/series you have made. I wonder if you have ever been to Norway, or have plans to go there. Some Americans think Norway is the capital of Sweden, something that is not true. I do like sports like tennis, squash, and biking. What do you do to keep fit. (Sorry my bad english).

Best regards Lars Sindre Norway

Hi Lars,

You don't have to worry, I'm Canadian and we studied Scandinavia in geography in high school so I know the capital of Norway is Oslo. I'm glad you enjoyed Homefront... was it in English or were we dubbed in Norwegian? I've never been - would love to go! I also like Tennis & biking - I imagine you mean "mountain" not "road biking" right?

p.s. Your English is pretty impressive.

From: Barbara Rizzi

Dear J.,

i'm Barbara, I'm Italian, and this site is a good surprise!!! I Thought to be the only one who knows you and your talent, but fortunately I was wrong!!! I'm 25, I'm a student of history of Cinema in Padova at the University, and my dream is to became, one day, director; in Italy is very difficult, but I'm working for made this possible, in the meantime I work in a cinema(!!!) like a projectionist and also in a videostore, I know, it's not the same but... When I saw you on TV the first time I was 10, in "Captain Power", and when you "died" I've cried so much!! Still now I think you're a very good actress, 'cause you have...(you can smile now) a shine bright in you. I don't know how but I feel it, so I wonder why you work only for TV instead of cinema? I hope you'll answer my e-mail.... thanks to be yourself!

P.S.(sorry, I know that my English is terrible!!!!)


Thanks so much for your kind words. It's inspiring for me to hear how much you love movies and that you are surrounding your life in as many ways as possible to learn about them. I should do that too! As for working in the movies... I'm trying, I'm trying! Finish your schooling and then hire me!


From: Marc

Hello Jessica,

My name is Marc, and years ago I used to watch the Captain Power t.v. show. And I guess I just wanted to ask the question(s)?

1. Why did Jennifer "Pilot" Chase have to die on the Captain Power t.v. show?? You were such a great actress on that show.

2. And what was the hardest part about having to kill a character that fans became so attached with in the show?? I downloaded a soundbyte from the net about the final moments of Jennifer "pilot" Chase, and it still almost brings me to tears to hear it.



1. I was really reluctant to do Captain Power for a bunch of reasons at the time, so I agreed to do it only if they would let me out at the end of the 1st season, which was ultimately when it was canceled too.

2. I'm not sure what you mean was it hard playing being killed? But anyway, because it was syndicated we weren't initially aware of the fanship (?) fan following (?) until later. We really only worked on it for 6 months total and I was ready to go... I wasn't having the greatest time in my real life ... so I am sure that contributed to it too a lot.

From: Tonya Clemens

Jessica, I toured your entire internet site and loved it! I first became a fan of yours when I saw you in Smart House but, I was a fan long before when you were in Homefront and didn't know it. On your site you mentioned you wanted to volunteer for an environmental organization.

1. Have you ever participated in Earth Day activities?

2. Do you recycle? I am particularly environmentally aware myself and have participated in many activities such as Adopt A Highway and Earth Day and planting trees. What will you do in the following year for our Earth? Any special things you have planned?

Thank you for your time, I am a very big fan and now I have another reason to admire you.

Take care,

Yes Tonya, I have actually. Initially in New York in 1990 my roommate and I were involved in the Central Park concert. I would love to be more actively involved - any ideas?

Let me know what you do re: Earth Day - I'd love to know.
From: Marie Sanchez

Hi Jess !! Well...i'm a little bit confused...i don't to annoy once more with a question about Earth2 .......but I'm definitely too fan !!! Can you just tell me ( for me and all the members of my "Earth2: the Eden project" Yahoo club !!!), in few words, how did you feel the filming ( shooting) of Earth2 ; your relationship with all the others actors; and, last but not least, the hypothetical future of the series (?). Well, I know also that you will be (or have been, it depends when you read it !!) to the New Pacificon 2000 on July, and I wanted to thank you for being always for all the Earth2 fans in spite of the years !!! Thanx ! Cheers !!! (Hey you're the greatest, girl !!!)

Marie ( from France ( Paris))
Hey Marie,


The best part about shooting E2 was that it was New Mexico -- soooo beautiful - I fell madly in love with the area. It was a very challenging work schedule, but being outdoors a lot of the time made it so exciting. We had fun (the cast and crew) because we bonded through working so hard and most of us were living away from home.

As for the future of the show, I think that is up to people like you because I don't think anything else will be shot.
Hi Jessica,

I've been a fan of yours since "Homefront". I come from Taiwan and study in a college of medicine. I know you've played many sci-fi roles and like to travel,so here are my questions: (I),Sci-fi question:

1. What's your view of "Cloning humans"? Is it good or bad? And why?

2.One day,if you see another "you" in the street, what will you do?

(II),Travel question: Next year(2001), I plan to take a trip to Canada. In your opinion,what places should I go to first? And why?

p.s. I enjoy nature very much. Thanks for answering, and keep up the good work, Jessica!


p.s.In high school,"Homefront" was my happy nightmare.I was happy because I could see your incredible performance. It was a nightmare for me because I had to write a report with at least 15 pages.My history teacher thought it was a good teaching material to study the American history at the end of World War II.
Hello Yang,

I'm curious about cloning. I wonder what kind of character a cellularly cloned person would have. What would their spirit be, their sense of humor, their instincts etc... Considering that they would not have come to exist via organic / physiological means. Would they be exactly like the original person? In those ways too?! I tend to imagine that they would suffer - not being of human born? But who knows... Definately eerie. If I happen to see someone exactly like me on the street I would stop them instantly and chat up a storm and not let them out of my sight for some time. I've often dreamt of being a twin. I think it would be a mind blowing experience.

#2 Canada... As I said above to Jamie, go to the Rockies, Banff to the Forests of the West coast and my home province Ontario for a canoe trip on our Lakes!

From: Jakob

I'd like to ask what was your favorite character / role you ever played.

Jakob (Germany)
Off the top of my head Jakob I would have to say Nora in Small Gifts and my role in Principal takes a Holiday... the most fun so far... looking for more FUN!!
From: Jessica Madrid Decker

Hey Jessica! How's it going? My name is Jessica, I'm 31 years old and I'm going to be an actress. I was hoping that you would give me some info on how to get started in the business. I hope to do some theatre work where I live and I need to know what type of training I should get and if you have any recommendations as to who I should contact to get started. I also was wondering if you had to put up with people telling you that you would never make it in the acting world? I hear people telling me " It's a tough business, you'll never make it" But I am the kind of person who says " Watch me!" I live in the Des Moines Iowa area, I have a great husband that is very supportive and is willing to help me in any way possible to achieve my dreams. Well I would greatly appreciate any info you care to provide.


Jessica Madrid Decker
Hey Jess!

Who are we if we aren't striving to fulfill what we yearn for? One can act without abandoning everything else, you can act too! It can be very therapeutic. If you haven't ever done any and you don't know anyone who can recommend teachers in your area then just start looking at theaters around town - there may be flyers or pin up boards. Try any and all classes till you find the teacher, style, tragedy, comedy you prefer.

Break a leg!
From: Norbert Hoffmann

Dear Jessica (Ms.Steen),

Can I have some detailed scanned photographs from your Wisdom Teeth, hanging on your beautiful Ears, perhaps you don't understand why? Well, I'm a young Gold-Designer (sorry about my bad English -I'm German) and I wanted to see how your tooth is connected with the earring. Many many thanks.

With Love, and greetings from Munich/Bavaria

Norbert Hoffmann

I don't have a computer (teeth grinding from George) so I can't scan anything but they were designed by James Morton at Metamorphosis in Toronto. I don't know if he has a website but he's a brilliant artist and a great guy. He built a kind of cage around them clutching all my wisdom. Smile

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